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The Middle East Hydra is leaving


OCT ,12 :Two years ago we wrote an article “A Hydra Is Haunting Middle East ( See here) in which we said

” Relax: the hydra will not dent the crude oil prices and the reason is more profound than the scale of the threat.

We argued in that article (. Read here)the reasons for price being insolated from the grips of the hydra.After two years of Hydra rampage , Oil prices remained not only low but fell by 50% inspite of a large scale threat to " Supply interruption"

Today ,the hydra, the God of War, caused enough confusion has left with a safe passage in the mist and the dust created during the mass exodus of migrants from Syria and Iraq towards Europe.The cleaning up operation has been be assigned to Russia.! What Once was the impossible, whatever remains, “no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

The truth did not escape our attention, read our article (. Read here)

What we are witnessing now is the end of a sad epoch in the history of Middle East.Soon not further than next march, Syria and Iraq will be without the Hydra, without ISIS The sense, in the middle east , now looks "Change of Direction is required" , we all are ruffled by thses endless meetings at head of state level, as if something went wrong and in need of urgent attentionwhatever happened , will be forgotten, and the stage will be set for a new era, in Iraq and Syria

But what will happen to the Oil Market…….? All the time , the market was insulated from the events .