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The USA partners should also be truly partners with each other

Many people are speculating on the geopolitics situation in the Middle East to stimulate the crude oil market and push prices up .In the past, any threat to supply, caused price increases, but now, the crude oil prices are insulated from events in the Middle East, and this is the aim of the new USA policy in the area. and they are succeeding The new USA policy is based on Partnering, and “the USA partners should also be truly partners with each other”., Said the president. The limited bombing of cities in the Yemeni deserts is not meant to stop anybody but rather to start a new Partnership between the Gulf countries legitimized by the Arab league in form of rapid intervention forces

This is not new , it is the old USA doctrine of policing the Gulf but this time “the color of corpse “has changed. In the past , each intervention required a great investment and a greater risk than the one before it.

Now , simply:” Instead of sending US troops, the US would arm local powers to police, and pay for it from the oil revenue . Indeed,America, since 1943, continuously adapted and redesigned policy to little involvement financially and militarily. now what you are witnessing is “ Part one “ which should be completed and finalized in four months. As for “Part two “ ,it is already there as soon as Iran agrees in P5+1 talk ,They too are also required to police the Gulf and its three choke points “Jointly!!!” and the joint efforts of Iran, Iraq, and syria, in group two , to "liberate " Tikkeret in Iraq is not much different in aim from that of SaudiArabia in Yemen .

What is happening in the Middle East is still in line with USA policy.. “ My bottom line… is for America to lead on the world Stage…” said Obama in 2014. As far the oil industry is concerned the events in Middle East is now insulated from the crude oil market, because.. Everybody knows that the USA is in complete control of events in the Middle East …and the three choke points are well protected from any serious threat but what is at risk is the finacial centers in the Middle East especially the Saudi Arabia Tadawal