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Why lift the ban after 40 years

Richerd Nixon Shah Of Iran-Tehran

After the Arab oil embargo in 1973,a ban on oil export was instituted to insulate USA crude oil import from any supply interruption.That is always given as the reason for the ban on crude oil export .which is not completely correct!The true reasons for the ban is as follows:

The Americas were highly dependent on Britain for "Policing the Persian-Arabian Gulf". But the vacuum left by the British departure ,in May 1972,caught the USA military with highly precurious military precence .For this reason , President Richard Nixon traveled to Tehran to meet with the Shah..Afterward, "Nixon boosted military aid to Iran as part of a proxy strategy to maintain the safe flow of oil", and replace Britain, as the "Gulf Police ", and to contain the Soviet Unions encroachment towards the Middle East.

But the big blow came when it was revealed belatedly , in early 1973 by CIA ()the illness of shah with malignant disease of lymphatic system And a sudden change of his personality,.... " When I perceive that my life is brief in time , ,I try to increasing it by weight". click hereThe decision to build the SPR and ban on export came all together as soon as the military discovered that " Shah Is a dying man ".If the death of that man changed history, then the lifting of the ban at this time of low crude prices and people in the Middle East voting with their feet through mass migration ,it may lead to the end of many things .The lifting of the ban is more serious than when it was introduced .Then , there were no Rubble, & Yuan, only USSR and Mao ... Read more