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Analyze a stock before taking position?

For each stock , if you are looking continuously at the open-close--high-week-month-52 weeks statistics-the company news-the industry news and economic data, they're not nearly enough...learn to read our chart to be able to identify technical signals.Like W pattern or M pattern on a chart or doji, Double Top and Double Bottom,Bollinger Bands,Volume..MACD .these indicators are necessary , but still is not sufficient, you must stay a head . ..

You find here ,comprehensive market analysis and the macro, micro economic indicators, the trend, the news and the nano analysis of market data by stock and balance of the major oil and gas companises on our patented Info graphic color paper, which is in standard units of stock volitilty

The weekly economic analysis

the figures are from EIA ,show the petroleum supply in USA , you find that this week the data is very unusual and perhaps incorrect, .. just by lookingt at the export of petroleum data , you see why.However,.The commercial stock on land is up, but this usual for this time of the year,the crude production is very high, the export is high, but you find that the refinery run and utilization is down!!! and that contradicts the 321spot price of WTI, that means the refiners tried to trim the stock of all , to avoid losses due falling crude prices.but if you look at the export of petrolrum data yous see it a bit doiji????.But one thing comes out clearly that consumption ( see the full analysis on page the market" that the shale gas , affected the coal industry more than the crude specially in the power generating sector

the figures are from EIA for week staring OctT-12 to Oct-17-2014

notice that Refinery margin is down, the rest are self explanatory... the graph is drawn to standard deviations from the 52 weeks mean

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