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Crude oil avalanche is imminente in June after the OPEC meeting

Crudenow-March 23 2015:

This is Crude oil Stockpile Terrorism at its best. ..Can anyone ameliorate the Crude Oil Market , The $30 per Barrel is imminent ,and the market is now at the mercy of how the highest level of crude oil inventories on record can be de-stocked this year without causing another crude Oil Avalanche similar to 2014

Move your mouse over the Cushing Icons on your left or below specially the graph for Crude oil Inventories . It is not recommend for faint hearted investors in crude oil stockpiling . Crude Data was released by EIA on March 23 2015 .

In February we took the published figures from Feb 2014 to Feb 2015 and showed that the Inventory Curve in USA ,is U- shaped and warned that similar catastrophe on the scale of 2014 may be on its way. But as weeks go by a new peak emerges and now we have a -J- shaped stock level, the highest on record dwarfing the Feb 2014 figures. Click the image

The picture is the same , not only in Cushing, but also all over USA .refinery runs ,and exports of petroleum products are falling, while USA crude oil production keep rising, indicating that most companies,drillers, producers are all waiting for economic rebound. Whatever the reason for the new record inventory level , destocking is imminent because all the chances for rebound is fading awayand a collapse to $20 is looming unless OPEC , in its next June meeting , pulls a rabbit out of the hat.

Today, Middle East smells of spent gunpowder, and yet prices are falling and not responding.That does not surprise anyone ,because during crisis on such a scale , the market usually responds by rushing to stockpile, pushing prices up.But now with inventories jam-full at record level of capacity ,there is no room to stock one additional barrel, even if the whole Saudi Arabia goes on fire. With that in mind ,you do not have to be an statistician to estimate the market glut. Also,it is extremely dangerous . if OPEC walks out again in the June meeting without a a firm decision

The J- shaped crude oil Inventories are signaling an avalanche and the crude oil price is terrifying the financial market too.If the Middle East terror is pushing more people to tents ,then the crude oil price is pushing the investors in the US to invest in government bonds even at very low interest rates, and the USA treasury keeps pumping them back and delaying a change in intreset rate.....Companies are firing workers and employees and drilling contracts are cancelled , and most investor have lost sense of directions. This is a sign that investors are looking for security when they think that stocks are about to collapse

Jabbar al-Jaf