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Below is the Signing Of The World Food Industry-Information Center
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Color Encryption Patent&Color Barcode Reader

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Ordinary Barcode Reader

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Counterfeit In The Medical Industry

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Types of Data Container

There are basically three types of Bardodes, The linear barcodes,the 2D-barcodes and the Color barcode .A new one is coming soon- pantent pending

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Professional Experiences

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Jabbar Wafeek Kareem Al-Jaf

  1. Education - Obtained Iraqi Ministry of Oil scholarship to the UK. Received BSC in degree in Mathematical Economics from Coventry-UK, in 1971
  2. Postgraduate diploma in pure statistics from Bath University, in 1974. and Mathematical Modeling from Queen Mary College-London, and few other certificates in computer science ,and Oil market from Oxford
  3. Head of Statistics and Research Department , Iraqi Ministry of Oil, 1971-1980
  4. OPEC secretariat as Econometrician,1980-1984
  5. Head of Information Department , SOMO (State Oil Marketing Organization), 1984-1990
  6. Founder of DBC Data Bank Center Amman,1990-1993 ( The first www)
  7. The Iraqi Ministry of Health, 1996-2000 -Designed Kimadia Drug Importation System ,E-document for MOU)
  8. Regional Manager for Lemery Pharmaceutical for marketing Cancer Drugs (Sicor HQ Switzerland), 2000-2006.
  9. Information Manager for the Arab Pharmaceuticals Federation (APSO ) 2006- 2009
  10. Inventor of Color Barcode system ( High density portable Data Base ) and color encryption system
  11. OilScout System -Petroleum Info graphics Company -Canada
  12. The Spindle( Patent Pending) modern Candlestick for trading