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Next- Algorithmic Trading for the Crude Oil Market


The boom of financial sophistication which has transitioned from something very simple investment decision to something so complex even a computer algorithms are not enough for fair decisions. You must have inside information and sufficient fund and, access to the media to sell Rumors.

Starting from Next week ,we will update these algorithms daily for the Oil Executive to have a bird’s eye view of the crude oil market.

As for the day traders, Or the high frequency traders, they must realizes that by following strictly the outcomes of these algorithms to buy or sell , it amounts to giving the hedge fund and the giant speculators a clear market pattern of how the market would react to their market manipulations.

Below is our color-nary graph showing:

  1. the Mean, The green, yellow, red areas are the (1), (1.5),( 2),( 2.5) ,( 3) standard deviations from the mean, as a measure of market volatility of the period (Usually one year, but here we took the start of 2021, as 2020 was COVID19 Year ).
  2. Bollinger Band ( the white area)+ the Bollinger trigger(Red), and the day Closing price (for cross-over)
  3. The Candle sticks: To draw The candles on a color-nary graph ( you will see the candle position relative to the trend , and its location inside the Bollinger regions (upper-lower bonds) and the most important of all relative to the Volume of the day’s trade , and as well as 11 other important indicators (William, MACD,….)
  4. Still it is almost impossible to beat the Hedge funds and the giant speculators and the insiders (see our graphs during Major world events).
After 5 years of hard work we reached a conclusion will be shown in the update